GameFly Commercial’s Faulty Logic

GameFly Commercial's Faulty LogicYour video game console is more than a gaming machine. Thanks to apps and add-ons, it can be the center of your home entertainment system. Hulu is a perfect example. For a nominal monthly fee, you can stream tons of content from Hulu for less than you would pay for cable or satellite television service.

My wife and I have been watching quite a bit of Hulu lately, and they’ve been showing this GameFly commercial that I’d like to discuss with you. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video, compliments of YouTube.

How Not to Sell a Video Game

The commercial starts with a scenario that is unfortunately very common with video game fans like us. Perhaps you have experienced the same thing. You buy a game, you beat it, and you want to sell it. You take it back to the video game store to get some money back and are shocked to hear their ridiculously low offer.

This is a real thing. Video game stores make quite a bit, if not most, of their income from selling used games. They pay gamers like you next to nothing for a game that is in great condition, and then they turn around and sell it to somebody else for almost the same price as a new game.

Obviously this is a bad deal for you.

GameFly’s Faulty Logic

But does this mean that you should subscribe to GameFly? This commercial implies that these are your only two options: (1) get a crappy deal when you try to sell your games back or (2) get a crappy deal every month by paying for a GameFly subscription.

(If you want to try out their service, be my guest. If you use my link you can get a free month and see if you like it or not. Click here to get started.)

This is what logicians call a false dichotomy. These are not the only two options for smart gamers.

A Better Way to Sell Your Video Games

You don’t have to settle for a crappy deal when you sell your video games back. But you don’t have to get a GameFly subscription either. Rather than using the video game stores as a middleman, there are plenty of ways that you can sell games directly to the next gamer. You’ll get a better deal and so does the next guy.

Where can you do this? There are lots of places. Amazon has a very active marketplace for used video games. I’ve had success selling games on eBay and as well. It’s pretty simple to get started, and by selling games on your own, you’ll be able to keep more money for yourself so that you can play the games you really want to play — not whatever games GameFly happens to have in stock that month. Ditch the subscription service and the video game store and you’ll be able to play even more video games for less.

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